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August 2017 - Shofar (pdf)  

PRESIDENT'S PERSPECTIVE (from the July 2017 Shofar)


Budget Accepted! This is great news, because it means we do not need to have another congre-gational meeting. Although, it was nice to see over thirty families represented at temple at the same time. Maybe we can repeat this phenomenon at an upcoming Shabbat Services, or at one of the upcoming Chardonnay Shabbats

Just imagine a hot Bakersfield day, at the end of a long week, what better way to finish the work week than with a nice cool glass of wine and cold air conditioning. I know the air conditioning works well based on the complaints we get when it is turned down too low! Oh but I’ve di-gressed. 

The congregational meeting was a pleasant one, while there was nothing to nosh on, unless you bought some of Rick’s goodies, the meeting was brief but effective. Kathleen Chambers and Charlotte Abrams volunteered to help out Greg Broida with the membership committee. I believe we all agreed membership should get a bigger focus in order to maintain the sustainability of Temple Beth El. Remember you do not need to be on the membership committee to reach out to your neighbor or colleague that is unaffiliated and let them know you are a member of Temple Beth El, and invite the person (bonus points for families) to services. This shows a sense of pride you have in your Jewish life, and an opportunity to show what a gem Temple Beth El is to the community. I know the building is in need of some repair, and there are some updates that are overdue, but I think it is in pretty good shape, for the shape (age/use) it’s in. 

There were two spots open on the board for a trustee position. Since the meeting, one of those spots has been filled by one of our newer members, Amy Snyder! This leaves one trustee spot left, and I have addressed a few inquiries by some members, so if you think you might be inter-ested please feel free to contact me. 

Thanks again for everyone’s hard work and support. As I mentioned before and will mention again, the board serves the congregation, and it has been our pleasure to do so. We try our best to make sure Temple Beth El is everything that everyone wants it to be. I know that is an impos-sible task, but if that is not what we are striving for then what is the point. Please have a wonder-ful, enjoyable and safe summer, and if you need a place to come and relax out of the sun, then Temple Beth El is here for you. 

Elliott Magnus 

Temple President 






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