Associate Membership

What is Associate Membership?

Associate Membership enables those who wish to belong to Temple Beth El but have membership in other synagogues or wish to demonstrate support for our community.

Candidates include:

  • Relatives of Temple Beth El members who live out of Kern County.
  • Non-Jewish community members who care deeply for the Jewish people and Israel.
  • Former members who have left Kern County and hold Temple Beth El in their hearts.
  • Former members and/or their relatives who are members of other Jewish synagogues.


What are the Benefits of Associate Membership?

  • Attending TBE High Holy Day services by using tickets, or a letter, from your primary synagogue.
  • Accessing our newsletter, The Shofar.
  • Receiving the Rabbi’s weekly e-bulletin.
  • Being thanked publicly (unless anonymity is requested) for investing in the wellbeing of Temple Beth El.
  • Inclusion of their families in Kaddish lists, in memoriam of their loved ones.
  • Jewish Associate Members can access to purchasing plots in the Temple Cemetery.
  • Participating in the life of our vibrant Jewish community.


Who is the Typical Associate Member?

  • Members of other congregations who believe in the vision and mission of Temple Beth El.
  • Former members who have moved and seek to maintain their ties to Temple Beth El.
  • Supporters of TBE seeking to contribute to the wellbeing of the congregation.
  • Friends of TBE who wish to take part in the synagogues unique culture.


Are There Any Restrictions on Associate Membership?

While Associate Members may not vote in congregational meetings nor serve on the board, Jewish Associate Members may participate in all other aspects of congregational life.


How Much Does Associate Membership Cost?

Your annual contribution of $360 (20 times Chai, or “Life”) or more qualifies you for Associate Membership.


If you are interested in becoming an Associate Member, please fill out the application below.  Someone from our Membership Committee will contact you.

A Bit About Temple Beth El of Bakersfield

Our Reform synagogue was founded by 48 families in March, 1947.  They called their dream Temple Beth El (“House of Gd”) of Bakersfield.  These founders dedicated themselves to creating a home for living Judaism – a place where newcomers feel welcome, where Jewish ideals are made real and where education is the key that unlocks the door to lifetime Jewish fulfillment and commiiment.  Today, TBE welcomes all who wish to celebrate Jewish life.  We are proud of a tradition of Hakchnast Orchom – welcoming of guest – and hope that your association with us will be personally, socially and spiritually meaningful to you.  We continue to affirm the vision of our founders, that all people are created in B’tzelem Elohim, in the Divine image.



Associate Membership Application