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The Shofar, Temple Beth El’s monthly publication, keeps community and temple members up to date on what’s going on. Take a look at this month’s Shofar to see what’s coming up, or browse through the archives to see all that we’ve done!

October 2019 – Shofar (pdf)

President’s Perspectives (from the October Shofar)

L’Shana Tovah!

Our congregants are doing a great job each week at our services. Some of you were out of your comfort level, but at the services, each of you has done a marvelous Mitzvah!

Colleen Soltis-McGraw has stepped down as one of our board member trustees. Laura Lauria has taken her place. We thank you both for you dedication to Temple Beth El.

We have seen Marsha Parr, Tim Fromm, Andy Abrams, Susie Simrin, Irene Christenson and the youth of our congregation conducting services according to their rendition. We were invited to participate in services with Congregation B’Nai Jacob. Pamela Elisheva, Eyton Wallace and Howard Silver made all the preparations and worked hard to have the two congregations come together as one for an enjoyable and uplifting service and Torah study.

We also had a wonderful Potluck Dinner with services led by Susie Simrin. Our D’Var Torah was led by Reb Pesach (aka Phil Rudnick) who read a portion that was previously read by his late wife Jackie. Stan Simrin would be very proud of all of us to know we are trying to fill his shoes and partake in the knowledge of Torah!

Yasher Koach to Judy Strauss for sitting on the bema with me during our Potluck Service. It was a pleasure having you there!

September also brought in new congregants to our community and Temple Beth El. Please give a warm welcome to Josh and Eppie Rittenberg along with their children Dorothy and Hunter. It was a pleasure getting to know all of you.

Jill Egland, Tim Fromm and Susie Simrin also participated in the 2019 Student Involvement Festival at Bakersfield Collage representing Temple Beth El and Judaism to the students! Yasher Koach to the three of you!

This past month we had a Sisterhood meeting lead by Kathleen Chambers and Linda Hakimi. The Sisterhood is readying themselves for the High Holy Days.

Yasher Koach and thank you to all who have participated in the Services for September. Your participation is paramount and very important for the continuation of Temple Beth El.

Irvin Pike has organized the Mitzvots from our Congregants to participate for the four days/nights of services. Yasher Koach for the many hours of organization and presentation at our Holiday Services.

Elul will have come and gone by the time this letter is in the Shofar. Rosh HaShannah will have been completed as we await Yom Kippur. We are having Rabbi Laura Harari for the High Holy Days. She is working with Jill Egland on our uplifting and beautiful songs to be sung during the services.

This is a time of forgiveness and reflection. It is a time for you to be your best seld and to be humble while asking for that forgiveness. It is a time of Atonement for our own sins, a time of repentance, a time of awe. We ask G-d for forgiveness of our sins, we ask our fellow man for forgiveness so we can be written in the Book of Life and to secure our fate. On a personal level, I ask for forgiveness on my sins to the Congregation of Temple Beth El, whether knowing or not knowing that I have harmed you. I stand humble in your presence.

Have a great month!


Ilene Schecter


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