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December 2019 – Shofar (pdf)

President’s Perspectives (from the December Shofar)

Dear Chevrie,

October and November brought in many wonderful blessings to our Jewish Community.

We had the children wave the etrog and luluv in the Sukkot as well as having dinner there too.

We celebrated Charlotte Abrams’ 90th birthday and celebrated Judy Strauss’ 80th birthday.

We had Tim Fromm and James Hugo lead a children’s service with the youth in our congregation. It was entertaining and exciting.

We experienced the final reading of the Torah by Avital Anders and the beginning of the Torah by Isabella Rudnick.

Irvin Pike compared the similarities between Genesis and the Torah and Science! It was very moving.

The Young Professionals led a beautiful and exciting Friday night service.

We had the lovely Rabbi Lisa Lipco Levine lead a beautiful and entertaining service with new melodies and her melodic voice and guitar.

We had a sign posted in the kitchen honoring the late Norma Schwartz, “Norma’s Kitchen.” A new stove and shelves were donated to Temple Beth El by the Schwartz Family. Thank you so much for these generous and wonderful gifts.

Paint night was very enjoyable. I’m not a painter but it was a lot of fun!

Our Caring Committee is working hard at keeping in contact and visiting with the ill congregants. Please call the Temple if there is someone you know that is in need of our assistance.

We are all looking forward to the Latke Brunch and the 8K Krazy Kilometers. The Sisterhood and Mensch Club (Men’s Club) and the Fundraising Committees are working very hard at organizing these events! Our participation is necessary to make these events successful!

I look around each Friday night and see a community of exceptional people who care for one another like a family does. It’s a feeling of love, respect and friendship that I would hope to last a lifetime.

Yasher Koach to everyone that has been involved in our Temple these past two months!


Ilene Schechter


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