Social Action

Our Congregation provides its members with many opportunities for social action. Our programs benefit women’s and teen shelters, foster children and homeless veterans, the homebound and the hungry. By reaching out to people in need, we not only help to repair the world, but also strengthen our Jewish identity and provide an important example of our values for our children.  Make a difference in the community.  In our lobby you will find two permanent collection bins for non-perishable food items and gently used clothing. The donations benefit Golden Empire Gleaners and Bethany Services, which operates the Bakersfield Homeless Shelter.

In addition volunteers are appreciated to help with Hesed activities such as assisting at time of death and illness, arranging transportation etc.


רֹ֭דֵף צְדָקָ֣ה וָחָ֑סֶד יִמְצָ֥א חַ֝יִּ֗ים צְדָקָ֥ה וְכָבֽוֹד׃

A person who runs to do just, good, and kind deeds
attains life, success, and honor. 
Proverbs 21:21


We are proud to be a part of the Union for Reform Judaism’s #BeTheLightForJustice campaign!