Temple Beth El Havurot

The term Havurah is derived from the Hebrew word Haver,
which means friend.

Dear Members:

We may be small, but we are still Mighty! To get to know each other better, the Membership Committee would like to form a group of Havurot. If you would like to form a Havurah or would like to know of others who are interested in doing so, please contact us with your ideas. Following are suggestions that might interest you.

Men’s Bridge Group
Singles Group
Theater Group
Couples Bridge Group
Jewish Topics
Los Angeles Theater
Discussion Group
Mexican Train

If you are interested in forming a group mentioned above or are interested in other possibilities, contact Kathleen Arnold-Chambers at kckuke@yahoo.com or Charlotte Abrams at (661) 587-7706 or bubbichar@aol.com.

Let us join together with our Friends in the TBE Community.

Charlotte Abrams, Kathleen Arnold-Chambers and the Membership Committee

Since our email regarding the Havurot, the members below have shown interest in the following: 

The Freedmans and the Sincoffs:  A group preferably with folks with kids ages 10-14.
Marsha Parr and Patricia Bell: Jewish topics
Marsha Parr: Travel