Dear Members: 

We may be small, but we are still Mighty! To get to know each other better, the Membership Committee would like to form a group of Havurot. If you would like to form a Havurah or would like to know of others who are interested in doing so, please contact us with your ideas. Following are suggestions that might interest you. 

  • Camping
  • Men’s Bridge Group
  • Singles Group 
  • Theater Group
  • Travel
  • Couples Bridge Group 
  • Jewish Topics
  • Los Angeles Theater
  • Knitting
  • Discussion Group
  • Mexican Train 
  • Photography 

If you are interested in forming a group mentioned above or are interested in other possibilities, contact Kathleen Arnold-Chambers at or Charlotte Abrams at (661) 587-7706 or


The term “Havurah” is derived from the Hebrew word “Haver”, which means friend. 

Let us join together with our Friends in the TBE Community. 


Charlotte Abrams, Kathleen Arnold-Chambers and the Membership Committee 


Since our email regarding the Havurot, the members below have shown interest in the following: 

The Freedmans and the Sincoffs:  A group preferably with folks with kids ages 10-14. 
Marsha Parr and Patricia Bell: Jewish topics 
Marsha Parr: Travel