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September 2017 - Shofar (pdf)  

PRESIDENT'S PERSPECTIVE (from the September 2017 Shofar)



“Where does the time go?” a popular phrase I used to hear all of the time as I was a kid growing up. Now that I am thirty-nine, and have safely cemented myself as an adult, I find myself asking this question all of the time. This question has cropped up again as summer wanes, and we head into autumn. 

First, where has the last year gone? I remember giving a sermon on July 1, 2016, my first official day of being Temple president. The year has seem to have vanished into a couple of months. Then I think about all of the wonderful things that have happened over the year. All of the hard work people have put in to make Temple Beth El the wonderful place that it is, and I know not all of that work could have been accomplished in such a short amount of time. 

Second, I wonder where the last thirty–nine years have gone. As I embark on my fortieth year on this earth, I am amazed that I have reached this point. I can remember going to parties of my parent’s friends, and seeing black balloons with “Over the Hill” printed on the side. When I would inquire from my folks what that meant. I was told forty was seen as the halfway point in a person’s life, they have hit the peak of their life and that they are now coming down the other side. 

Next, I have thought where has the summer gone? I was fortunate enough to get out of town during one of our heat waves, and celebrate my nephew’s second birthday, another head scratcher as to where the time goes. I hope everyone was able to beat the heat in one fashion or another, doesn’t seem like we will get much relief anytime soon, but here we are heading into the September with the children and teachers embarking on another school year. This will lead us right into our High Holy days. (Rosh Hashanah September 20th & 21st Yom Kippur September 29th & 30th) 

I apologize if this month’s presidents report is getting too Days of our Lives, with its “sands through the hour glass theme”, it just had been something that came across my mind a lot over the last couple of months. Sometimes, I can start to feel buried by that sand continually piling on top of me. Then I start to feel empowered and want to get on top of it, and have the sand do the work so that I may rise up as the sand accumulates underneath me. I look forward to the next year as Temple president, enjoying my fortieth birthday next summer, I know it will be here in both, a blink of an eye, and 365 days, just like every year. I also know that there will not be black balloons at that celebration, because G-d willing, I have not reached my peak! 

Elliott Magnus 







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